Taxpayers may benefit from a reassessment exclusion when transferring a principal residence between family members. In order to estimate the new base year value of the principal residence after an exclusion claim is approved, please provide the information below:

The Prop. 19 Calculator is unable to calculate an estimate for your property. Please email with your name, address, contact phone number, and the Assessor Identification Number (AIN) if available for the property in question. Indicate in the text of your email that you need assistance calculating an estimate for Prop. 19 relief. You will need to provide an estimate of the current market value of your property in the email.


Please enter valid AIN or Address
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1. Calculate the sum of the taxable value plus $1,000,000




2. Is the fair market value greater than the sum of the taxable value plus $1,000,000?

Yes, the fair market value is Greater than the sum

No, the fair market value is less than or equal to the sum

3. Calculate the difference




4. Add the difference to the taxable value to arrive at the new combined base year value (partial benefit)



3. Taxable value transfers with the full benefit retained


A Principal Residence is a property that is eligible for either the homeowners’ or disabled veterans’ exemption. To be eligible for a Prop. 19 exclusion, the transferred property must have been the principal residence of the transferor and continue to be or have become the principal residence of the transferee.

The Taxable Value of the principal residence transferred or to be transferred, is the original base year value, adjusted by the annual inflation factor for each taxable year under the current ownership.

NOTE: “Taxable Value” and “Factored Base Year Value” are used interchangeably.

A Fair Market Value is what the principal residence would sell for if exposed on the open market at the time of transfer. Your estimate of Fair Market Value could vary from the Fair Market Value estimate of the Assessor.

NOTE: This calculator is based on the transfer of a principal residence occurring in the current tax year. The calculator is available only as a tool and all results are only an estimate.